Vanessa Quai being awarded the Vanuatu National Medal of Merit and the Vanuatu Silver Jubilee
Medal by the President of the Republic of Vanuatu, His Excellency, Kalkot Mataskelekele, September, 2007   

Vanessa Quai performing live before an audience of over 20,000
at the RTV Golden Stag International Music Festival for
Pop Music held at Brasov, Romania, on the 23rd September 2005.  


Vanessa Quai won the first prize in the RTV Golden Stag International Music Festival in Brasov, Romania, on the
23rd September 2005!

Artist Name: Vanessa Diandra Sally Ann Kiristiana QUAI

Date Of Birth: 13 July 1988

Place of Birth: Port Vila, Vanuatu

Origin: Vanuatu

Current Occupation: Student, year 11 at the Vila Central Junior Secondary School (2004)

Music Profession: Vocals

Hobby: Listening to Music, playing sports, swimming, and watching TV

Favorite Sport: Athletics: Track event 100 meters sprint/ Best time: 13:34 seconds

Favorite Toy: Teddy Bear

Favorite Food: Dalo, Fish and Bele

Favorite Drink: Pure water or Solo

Favorite Snack: Pizza & Chocolate

Favorite Artists: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celin Dion, Cici Waner, Jaci Velasquez, Natalie Makoma, and Mary Mary



Won a Bronze medal as she came 3rd in the Gospel/Inspirational Category at the "South Pacific International Song contest 99" in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in January 1999, out of 3,000 artists world wide. Vanessa was 11 years old at that time, and she was the only child competitor.

Won the First Prize in the "Nile International Children Song Contest" in Cairo, Egypt in October 1999, out of 5000 children world wide. Vanessa 12 years old at that time.

Won the Second Prize in the "Golden Star - International Children Song Contest" in Bucharest, Romania, out of 6,000 children.

In 1998, when she was 9 years old Vanessa recorded her 1st album called To Aitape With Love. This album was recorded at the Vanuata Production in Vanuatu and produced at Pacific Gold Studio in PNG.

In 2000, at 11, Vanessa recorded her 2nd album called Beautiful Pacific Islands. This album was recorded and produced at Mangrove in New Caledonia.

In 2001, at 12, Vanessa recorded her 3rd album called The Untouched Paradise. This album was recorded and produced at Mangrove in New Caledonia.

In 2003, at 15, Vanessa recorded her 4th album called Pacifika. This album was recorded and produced at Mangrove in New Caledonia.

Vanessa’s album "Promise" was recorded and produced at the Chin H Min Production in PNG. This album was released on 24th December 2004, and it carries a lot of R&B flavour.

Congratulations Vanessa Quai!
Vanessa Quai at the recent International Teenagers Singing Competition,
the Golden Star Music Festival, held in Bucharest, Romania
from 30th September 2004 to 3rd October 2004

Vanessa Quai won the First Prize out of 20 finalists!

Vanessa Quai receives her Golden Star Award from a Jury member, Ms. Figen Cakmak,
Composer/Lyricist/Singer and Founder of the International Pamukkale Festival in Turkey.
All the Jury members comprised International Song writers, composers, singers, and movie
actors. The Jury was composed of the following:
USA - 2; UK - 1; Romania - 2; Ireland - 1; Malta - 1; Turkey - 1; and Egypt - 1.
The President of the Jury was Mr. Lane Davies from the USA, a well known movie actor
who has performed in movies like Hamlet, Good and Evil, The Crew and many more...

Vanessa Quai, performing in the Australian Federal Parliament House,
Canberra, on the 6th December 2004, during Australia's Annual National
Prayer Breakfast for leaders. The Breakfast was hosted by the Prime Minister
of Australia, the Honourable John Howard, and was attended by over 600 leaders
across Australia and the Pacific.

The Federal Treasurer of Australia, the Honourable Peter Costello
with Vanessa Quai and her father and manager, Mr. Nigel Quai.

"Promise" - 2004

This is an exciting album featuring Vanessa Quai (Vanuatu)
and Soul Harmony (Papua New Guinea).
"Promise" is Vanessa Quai's sixth album which
carries powerful messages of "love appeal to the world".
Vanessa has decided to donate 10% sales of each CD toward
the "Asia Tsunami disaster relief fund" through the
Red Cross Society. Copies of the album can be obtained
from the following e-mail address:

Pacifika - 2003


The Untouched Paradise - 2001                               Beautiful Pacific Islands - 2000


 Vanessa has toured and performed in the following countries: New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, PNG, Australia, Canada, Egypt, and Romania.

Vanessa’s biggest concert record was in the Solomon Islands when she drew over 20,000 people in one of her concerts. She broke Lucky Dubes crowd record, which was the biggest crowd ever in the history of the Solomon Islands.

Vanessa was the highest demanding artist in New Caledonia, as she broke the record of any artist from outside to perform 6 times in a year there.

Vanessa was privileged to perform on the stage in Ottawa, Canada, in 2001 where many mainstream artists like Celin Dion, Bob Dylon, Kenny Rogers, Mariah Carey and many others, has performed on.

Although, she does gospel songs, her music is ranged from traditional to modern music, which interest a wide range of audience. She has a unique non-stop 2 hours performance.

Vanessa is flexible to sing in many different languages and different music rhythms.


Vanessa is a very popular artist in the whole Pacific region. Her biggest market in the Pacific and followings are in PNG, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Wallis and Futuna, Samoa, Tonga and the Solomon Islands. Vanessa’s fans range from all ages, children to adults, Christians to non-Christians, although she is a gospel artist.

Vanessa’s music has hit both the gospel and the circular market in the Pacific.

Her song "Freedom" stormed the radio stations throughout the Pacific. It has been in the number one chart in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu for several months in 2002. The song eventually hit the PNG radio stations’ chart and number 2 in December 2003.

Vanessa’s music is becoming to be played in the International Christian radio networks world wide, marketed by Pacific Partners Ministry, based in New Zealand.

Her profiles are regularly published in different French magazines, In-flight Magazines, PNG Newagewoman Magazine, and UK’s Singers magazine.


Vanessa’s unforgettable moment ever in her life was when she was called to do a very huge concert at the Tjibaou Cultural Center in New Caledonia in April 2002, to replace the Artist Queen of Africa, Brenda Fassie from South Africa who failed to do the concert.


Vanessa has already been offered to continue with her education in a Christian College in the US. Her dream is to become an International Gospel Singer, and also to appear in the International Christian TVs, such as TBN.

Vanessa will later on this year tour New Caledonia again, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, and PNG again. Vanessa has just recently did a very successful concert tour to Northern New Caledonia in March 2004.

Vanessa has been requested by Makoma to sing a song together with the group, when Makoma tours PNG later on this year 2004.

She also desires to become a medical Nurse.

[By: Nigel QUAI (Father/Manager) & Rev. Emmanuel FAVE from Papua New Guinea]


Vanessa Quai performing in New Caledonia, Saturday 29th May, 2004.
On Vanessa Qua's left is backing vocalist, Miss Karina Kalo (13 years old)



Vanessa Quai

Vanessa performed in Fiji, on Saturday, the 25th June 2005, during the Fiji Day, "Fete De La Muisqu", organised by Alliance Francaise in Fiji. The concert was held at the Fiji Sports Hall, Suva, Fiji.

Also, Vanessa Quai's new album which was recorded in Australia, was released at the end of June 2005!

Congratulations and Best Wishes Vanessa!

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